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So here's what's happend in the last month since the last blog entry.  I got in touch with my fellow co-founder, MistressoftheStars and she managed to get ahold of the our groups founder, and since neither of them no longer have the time to keep up with the group and give it the attention that it deserves (not that I myself have been much better, but I want that to change), they have turned the reins, as it were, over to me.  Which is totally unexpected, I hope I can turn the group into something that they can both be proud of.  Allamericangirl966 and MistressoftheStars shall remain honourary co-founders.

I also went through and cleaned up the Gallery some, moved pictures around so they are in the correct categories and some things like that.


So for those who don't know already, Wrath of the Titans comes out on March 30th this month. So in honour of what looks like it could be an great greek myth action movie, I am holding a mini contest.  There will unfortuantely be no prizes for this contest beyond beging given a feature for the week after the winners are announced, this is just mostly for fun and to try and get the group rolling again.

Contest will Run from today Saturday March 3rd, 2012 - Friday March 31, 2012
So some quick Rules:
1. The Art must be new and be your own.
2. It can be sketchy, be plain lines, or be a full blown piece of art, eye catching colour and gorgeous background, whatever you feel like doing.
3. Must stick to the theme of either Wrath or Revenge.
4. All Submitions must be in by 11:59:59 (GMT - 6:00) March 31th 2012.

Post links to your subbmisions on the journal page.

Any queations feel free to note me here or on my own account, or leave a question on the journal page.


The Features for this week can be found in the Featured Widget on the left hand side of the group page, write next to the blog entry. So go take a look and leave a comment or two on the features there.

Well that's all for this week. I'll be back next week with a new updtae journal and hopefully, if I can find my Myth text in the mess that is my room (We're renovating so a lot of my stuff is in stoarge) I'll have our very first Greek Myth Blog ready for you guys!

'Til Next Week!

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